June 12, 2012.

The computer peripheral device described below (my patent pending) could be a particularly advantageous one for mobile computers (Droid, iPhone, iPad, etc.), because among other things it adds the physical keyboard and mouse functionality to a mobile computer, and at the same time preserving portability. Please read the text below in its entirety.

I am an experienced, top notch C/C++ software/algorithm developer and a primary inventor on one awarded patent and another is pending. My currently pending patent - is what I would like to draw your attention to here. Please read on as the material outlined below could be of interest to your company, especially if it is a high tech company - the invention outlined below has a tremendous worldwide market potential. I would like to find a buyer - a visionary who will recognize and appreciate this kind of potential for his or her company and turns my invention into a great success story.

I have recently filed for a US patent for a very innovative hand-held computer peripheral device. The patent description follows below.

I have recently filed for a US patent for a very useful and innovative hand-held computer peripheral device. The patent is now pending. It is for sale or license. The device can be used with any computer, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile device. The potential market for the device is worldwide.


The invention is a portable, hand-held, one-hand-operated computer peripheral device, combining within itself the complete functionalities of the regular computer keyboard and the regular computer mouse.

Hence the title of the patent application:


The user holds the device exactly like the handle of a pistol during the operation, hence the reference to the "pistol-grip" in the title. The device can be used with any computer, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile. Consequently, the market potential of the invention is worldwide and practically unlimited, as the consumer gets increasingly more comfortable with the device. The device can be easily adapted to any alphabet-based language of the world.

The device is an alternative to the regular computer keyboard and the regular computer mouse combined in a single hand-held unit and as such has a potential to revolutionize the way people enter the commands/text/data into the computer due to the following advantages:

- The device is operated entirely and completely with one hand (either the left or the right one).

- Fast "typing" ability. A proficient user can send in excess of 60 words per minute. (A "word" is counted as five ASCII characters in a row).

- The device operation is easy to learn and can quickly become a "second nature" and a "second language".

- No change in the functionality, i.e. the device precisely emulates both, the keyboard and the mouse, albeit in a single hand-held device.

- Portability - the device is a hand-held unit and easily portable. It can be connected to the host computer and used anywhere the user goes.

- Flexibility. The device is just as useful when connected to any computer, regardless of size and type - from the desktop computer to a Blackberry sized mobile device.

- Ability to operate the device not looking at the keyboard - i.e. there is no keyboard to look at, which saves time and increases productivity.

- Ability to operate the device in poor lighting conditions or even in complete darkness.

- Ability to operate the device in any position - sitting, standing, lying down, reclining.

- Ability to type text/commands and send emails and text messages with one hand, the other hand being completely free.

- Ability to switch between the keyboard and the mouse functionality very fast - just with the movement of the thumb, and without changing position - i.e. no need to move your arm from the mouse to the keyboard and back, which saves time and increases productivity.

- The device saves space - no additional space on the desk or table required for the keyboard and mouse -- and that without sacrificing the functionality of the regular keyboard and mouse.

*******Contact me iccusa2010@aol.com if you are a serious computer peripheral / hardware manufacturer. Please put the "the keyboard-mouse emulator inquiry" in the subject line.

Note: For the Allied Security Trust members (http://alliedsecuritytrust.com) - the complete text of the patent application is available with the AST. Contact me first please.

Note: Resume will be provided upon request.